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Hamánek Happy Fruit with pieces of peaches 190g

EAN: 8595139772376
Rodné číslo: 23600610000063

No added sugar No salt No artificial aromas No artificial colourings No chemical preservatives No gluten No dairy ingredient The brand of Hamánek provides a comprehensive range of fruit-based foods for children from the 4th month of age. Fruit that is processed into the food is grown in a special mode and meets the strictest legal requirements in terms of quality of food for children. When buying any Hamánek food, you can be absolutely sure that you give your children the best the nature can offer to us. With 100% content of fruits, HappyFruit can be enjoyed by small children as well as other members of family. Mainly mums who want their small children to get foods with high proportion of fruit without any added sugar will certainly appreciate that this product assortment of baby foods uses careful selection of special varieties of the finest fruits to be naturally sweet. Small babies will certainly like it. NOW COMING THOSE WITH PIECES OF PEACHES; SUPPORTING TOOTH SKILLS OF CHILDREN. Fruit trimming food for children from the finished 8th month of age. It does not contain any gluten, cow's milk protein or lactose, artificial colours.

Hlavní suroviny:

apple pap (60% wt.), peach pap (10% wt.), pieces of peaches (30% wt.), lemon concentrate, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Hamánek arises from the finest ingredients under strict supervision

The brand Hamánek which follows the long tradition of trimming foods made in Hamé provides the children with complete and balanced nutrition in the first months of life. Hamánek provides a wide variety of fruit-based trimming foods as well as vegetable or meat-vegetable trimming foods or baby drinks. The brand is very popular among consumers, which makes it belonging to the top products in the Czech market. The ready-made baby food has been created in close collaboration with paediatricians and nutritionists who help to tune each ingredient into a perfect unit offering…

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