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Hamánek fruit snacks in convenient packaging has a safety cap.

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Fish spreads for your healthy diet

Enrich your diet with new fish spreads EasySandwich that she loved and Czech biathlete Gábina Soukalová.

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Tradition in Glass

Try the news under the traditional Czech brand of pates Májka

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We are the leading company in the field production of durable and chilled food

Our vision

  • Become a leader in its major product groups in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Being the bearer of trends and innovations
  • Explore new market opportunities in the food industry
  • Communication, openness and the right motivation to achieve maximum loyalty of its own employees

We are the main partner of Czech biathlon!


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Czech TOP 100 Survey: Hamé is among the most respected Czech firms

The food manufacturer Hamé was among the absolute top among Czech companies. In the traditional corporate association survey CZECH TOP 100 - 100 most respected companies in the Czech Republic - Hamé received eighth place overall, and this among more than 1000 nominated companies from all sectors throughout the country. Škoda Auto won, ahead of Agrofert and Kofola. Hamé, however, also won in the Zlin region, where it has its registered office and its core production. Hamé also ended up in second place in the food and tobacco industry.

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Orkla’s acquisition of Hamé completed

Orkla’s acquisition of Hamé, a leading branded food company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has now been completed. The acquisition of Hamé doubles Orkla’s turnover in Central Europe. The agreement for the acquisition of Hamé was signed on 10 December 2015. The agreement was approved by all relevant competition authorities on 16 March 2016 and the transaction was completed on 31 March 2016.

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Orkla is undertaking Hamé

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Traditionally Trodden Cabbage

How to make sauerkraut? In traditional ways - just like our grandmothers used to do it.

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Hamé Experiences Double-digit Growth in 2015

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The season of the vegetables processing has started

Warm weather of last weeks helped in the condition that already now the harvest of the vegetables is running.

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