Veselá pastýřka Veselá pastýřka
Veselá pastýřka

Those who like the high-quality and delicious pates seek for the outstanding products under the brand of Veselá pastýřka.

The traditional premium brand Veselá Pastýřka, HAMÉ s.r.o. has been in the market since 1997. It has accomplished the exclusive position in the area of chilled foods.

Chilled pates are made of the high-quality and fresh ingredients. They retain their distinctive taste and aroma thanks to sparing manner of production (they are treated at the temperatures below 100°C). Thanks to these properties, they are popular for a wide group of consumers who are looking for fresh products with great taste and gourmet pleasure.

You can take a choice among the classic series of Veselá Pastýřka pates in plastic trays with the contents of 150 g; you can find the traditional pates Májka and Matěj and also &bdquo the more exotic&ldquo flavours &ndash, like for instance Provencal pate or Dutch pate with cheese.

If you prefer smaller packages of pates, you will be surely pleased by the new product of Veselá Pastýřka &ndash- the new series of chilled pates Od Mistra Řezníka packed in 90 gram plastic trays. Completely new flavours of the series are inspired by original recipes of butchers; you can, for example, try out the Pate with hunting salami or Pate with cranberries.

If you like rougher texture of pates, you can try pates in glass, for instance Pečínková, Farmářská or the traditional Selská.

Veselá Pastýřka wishes you enjoyed the meal.

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