Hamé Biscuits Hamé Biscuits
Hamé Biscuits

The company Hamé, traditional Czech food manufacturer, has added biscuits under the brand of Hamé Biscuits to its range of products.

Biscuits of the brand called Hamé Biscuits are provided in several versions; they will be liked by both the children and adults. Your children will love the biscuits called Smileys; you will surely like the half-coated buttery leaves which are suitable with the tea and coffee.

Biscuits are manufactured according to the traditional recipe so that they are soft and deliciously crispy.

The product range of Hamé Biscuits includes biscuits with various shapes, colours and flavours with or without chocolate.

Enjoy it while meeting friends, while on trips, or simply in any occasion! :)

Enjoy the new products of Hamé Biscuits