Pate with cranberries 100g

EAN: 8595139781835
Rodné číslo: 22120530000083

Meat product in can, sterilized. Weight of the content: 100 g. Fat content - max. 30 %. Best before: the date indicated on the bottom line on the bottom of the packaging’s lateral side. Store in a dry place at 0-28 °C. Once opened, store this product in the refrigerator at the temperature up to 10 °C; consume the product within 48 hours.

Hlavní suroviny:

pork liver (25% wt.), lard, water, pork skins, pork meat, dried cranberries (4% wt.), potato starch, cream, salting blend (salt, preservative E250), seasoning agents (spices and spice extracts, dried onion, dextrose, amaranth powder, salt, aroma), sugar.

The new series of Májka pates provides gourmet experience in a variety of flavours.

Májka is a premium brand of pates; it guarantees great taste, high quality and freshness. You can find the new series of chilled pates of Májka in 7 original flavours in the fridges of your favourite store.

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