Májka - traditional recipe 170g

EAN: 8595139783891
Rodné číslo: 23670000000063

Meat product, can; sterilized; content of fats max. 35% wt. Best before: the date indicated on the bottom line of the figure on the packaging. Store in a dry place at 0-28 °C. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight. Once opened, store this product in the refrigerator at the temperature up to 10 °C; consume it within 48 hours.

Hlavní suroviny:

lard, water, pork liver, pork meat, pork skin, salting blend, salt; preservative: sodium nitrite); stabilizer (locust bean gum, carrageenan, potassium chloride, onion, spices, seasoning agent (flavour enhancers: monosodium glutamate, ribonucleotides, sodium salts, spice extracts, salt, aroma). Total content of pork raw materials: 62% wt.

Hamé is tasty and saves the time

Hamé is very tasty and saves your time! Hamé is a leading Czech food processing company dealing with production of durable and chilled food. With the brand of Hamé, you will find a wide variety of products which will facilitate and save the time of you and your family. Hamé finished meals Durable ready meals of Hamé are great helpers in kitchen as well as on roads when you do not have the time and interest to cook. Hamé pates and spreads Durable Hamé pates are made according to traditional recipes;…

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