Hamé Hamé

Hamé is very tasty and saves your time!

Hamé is a leading Czech food processing company dealing with production of durable and chilled food.

With the brand of Hamé, you will find a wide variety of products which will facilitate and save the time of you and your family.

Hamé finished meals

Durable ready meals of Hamé are great helpers in kitchen as well as on roads when you do not have the time and interest to cook.

Hamé pates and spreads

Durable Hamé pates are made according to traditional recipes; they have been popular delicacies for the whole family for many decades.

Hamé pates are made of carefully selected ingredients; you can try, for example, the pates of the series of Vynikající kvalita (excellent quality) of Paštiky Hamé (pates Hamé) in a new plastic package - they are beloved even by biathlete Ondřej Moravec. Meat lovers will appreciate the products of the range called Vynikající kvalita (excellent quality) from Hamé which contain 70-90% of meat.

Hamé meat cans

Durable meat products of Hamé are worth being on hand in the kitchen and also on roads. They will facilitate preparation of food, they will fill you up and save your time.

Hamé sweet production

If you are looking for high quality jams, then you can take the brand of Extra Jam. Unlike other types of jams and marmalades, the Extra Jam Hamé contains high proportion of fruits.

Hamé ketchups and compotes

Ketchup Hamé is great when served together with fries or American potatoes; the compotes of Hamé are especially popular for their taste and diverse selection of fruits.

Hamé fish cans

Fish cans of Hamé will be attractive for all who strive for balanced and healthy diet.

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