Otma Otma

The premium brands OTMA and OTMA GURMÁN include ketchups of various kinds of excellent quality as well as finished sauces, trimming cold sauces (barbecue), tomato pastes and purée.

These products can facilitate preparation of food at homes and also on holidays; they can be used in grilling with friends or just when you sit in the garden.

Things you might not know about ketchups?

Ketchups Otma are made of high-quality and properly ripened tomatoes.

These are processed immediately after harvest and then mixed with carefully selected ingredients, according to a secret recipe that has been adapted to taste of Czech and Slovak customers.
The ketchups Otma Gurmán are intended for true gourmets and lovers of tomatoes. They contain high amounts of tomatoes; they do not include any preservatives. Their dosing is very easy.

Which ketchup to choose?

Otma Gurmán ketchups in glass

The ketchups Otma Gurmán contain up to 240 g of tomatoes per 100 g of ketchup; their texture is very dense; they taste as 100% tomatoes. The ketchups are made without any preservatives and thickening agents*. They have dense consistency which makes them easily escaping a glass.

These products are typical by their excellent quality and distinctive tomato taste which can be appreciated by gourmets but not only by them.

*It is not applicable for ketchup sweetened by stevia


Otma Gurmán ketchups in the packages of Top Down

The ketchups Otma Gurmán contain even 155 g of tomatoes per 100 g of ketchup and they are made without any preservatives.

Practical plastic package is lightweight, unbreakable; it maintains high quality of the ketchup even when an open product is stored at room temperature. Dosing of the bottle is very easy; the cap also includes a special silicone membrane that prevents the ketchup dripping to unwanted places.


Otma ketchups

The traditional ketchups Otma contain 150 g of tomatoes per 100 g of ketchup; they do not include any preservatives; their taste is very pleasant.

Just watch the TV spot related to Extra Ketchup OTMA GURMÁN. It is really worth seeing!