Znojmia Znojmia

The home taste of pickle made according to a secret recipe cannot be replaced.

Nowadays, there are other successful products manufactured under the brand Znojmia &ndash cabbage, peas, corn, rams' horns, lecsó, vegetable salads, etc. The products of Znojmia have always guaranteed a quality of premium vegetables.

So that the vegetables Znojmia keeps its high standard, the suppliers of each ingredient must meet the strictest quality criteria. In manufacturing, careful processing of individual ingredients is emphasized.

Gentle production process is necessary in order to maintain high quality of products intended for domestic and foreign markets. Of course, we use advanced technology with large capacity which is able in a short period of time to process large amount of the freshest ingredients.

Here we can recall that there are certain vegetables which are seasonally grown and it is necessary to treat them in heat or freeze in order to retain them for next season.

The vegetable of Znojmia can be used in both cold and warm cuisines. It can be used as decoration of any salad, side dish of meat or just to make good taste!

Znojmia vegetables - always well pickled