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Hamé Life Style

The company Hamé is one of the leaders on the Czech and Slovak markets while regarding the product range of sandwiched pastries. With the high quality and taste, the wide range of products will please both the greatest eaters and those who care for the waistline, or those who just want to enjoy the meal. Production of sandwiched pastries is made with the latest technology in two factories in the Czech Republic. Our priority is the emphasis on quality and taste.

Hamé baguettes will please all lovers of traditional flavours who look for real quality in delicious pastries. We take a choice among the most popular flavours. Therefore, our baguettes and sandwiches offer great experience of fast food without compromising, either enjoyed in a car, after sport or as full meal during the day.

The products of Hamé Life Style emphasize quality of the ingredients used. The emphasis on freshness is the base principle we follow. Products are checked at various stages of preparation and shipment to customers. Certified production under strict control regime guarantees the high quality of a finished product. However, our work is not finished at the stage of production. Refrigerated transport of our product to the sales counter has strictly been monitored and evaluated.

At the same time, Hamé is also the only Czech company in the market of sandwiched pastries which prepares the roast meats, vegetables and fruits by using the special equipment enabling thermal treatment of ingredients without fats. The customer receives meat products with high juiciness.

Baguettes SIMPLY FRESH... ...BINGO!