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Try out the products of Hamé Ocean. These are canned fish and other popular seafood products which will please you by excellent quality, resulting from the rich experience of the Icelandic owners of this brand, as well as the variety of the product range provided. During production, great attention is paid to quality of ingredients and also accurate labelling of packaging materials so that a consumer is always fully informed about the content of the a product.

In the brand Hamé OCEAN, you will find tuna fish, sardines and also herring or smoked sprats.

Tuna fish is one of the most popular fish products. Hamé OCEAN brand offers this customer-popular fish in many variants - ranging from classic variations in oil or in own juice up to various salads.

Sardines are meant as equally popular products. Hamé OCEAN offers them in a variety of packages and variants. The best-selling products are sardines in oil, sardines in oil with spicy peppers, those in own juice or those in tomato sauce.

Even cod liver may be purchased under the label of Hamé OCEAN. This product comes to consumers from Iceland, which is guarantee of premium quality.

During the development of products of Hamé OCEAN, the company Hamé utilized rich experience of Icelandic owners in whose country the fishing and manufacture of fish products belong to key industries.

Try out the products of Hamé Ocean.