Hamánek Hamánek

The brand Hamánek which follows the long tradition of trimming foods made in Hamé provides the children with complete and balanced nutrition in the first months of life.

Hamánek provides a wide variety of fruit-based trimming foods as well as vegetable or meat-vegetable trimming foods or baby drinks. The brand is very popular among consumers, which makes it belonging to the top products in the Czech market. The ready-made baby food has been created in close collaboration with paediatricians and nutritionists who help to tune each ingredient into a perfect unit offering nutritionally optimal food which is important for healthy development of babies.

In production of baby foods of Hamánek, we have been using the vegetables and fruits grown in special regime; animals are kept in optimal conditions which guarantee high-quality meat intended for further processing in trimming foods. All inputs used for the Hamánek trimming foods are subject to special regime for ingredients intended for baby food.

While looking at the list of many various tests and checks which are passed by the ingredients within purchase and production of Hamánek products, people may also realize how difficult it is to reveal the substances in home conditions. You can be calmed down by strict standards when you realize the numbers of unwanted substances that may occur in fruit and vegetables purchased in stores. Common washing is not enough. The fruits and vegetables have often retain substances which are tolerated by an adult body without difficulty. However, they may be harmful for small children. The problem is that such substances cannot be detected by visual inspection. Even the nice fruit or vegetables, for example, may contain pesticides. However, input inspections performed during production of the Hamánek products can detect these substances and other chemicals. They will not pass through the check point.

Parents may be sure that they provide their smallest children with the best while purchasing the products of Hamánek, the best that the nature around us can offer to us.

Care in each teaspoon.